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Alexandra Mihalascu

Professional Counselor Associate


Alexandra is a Professional Counselor Associate, registered with the state of Oregon. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychological Sciences from Pacific University. With an emphasis in processing trauma, domestic violence and its impact on our physical and mental health, she believes that attending to the brain, body, mind and spirit are essential for restorative wellness. Alexandra specializes in helping adults and adolescents process trauma through psychological education, therapeutic tools, and relational bridges in order to reduce symptoms in the areas of depression, stress, anxiety, grief, loss and self-worth and relationships. Alexandra provides a safe and affirming therapeutic space for her clients that focuses on empowerment, self-awareness, value and growth.


Alexandra will be seeing clients at Tualatin High School and the offices of Pacific Northwest Behavioral Health, LLC. In her free time, Alexandra enjoys playing tennis, hiking, corralling her three cats and trying to get in a few moments of quiet time attuning to herself in art and reading. 

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