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Gretchen Lively

Professional Counselor Associate


Gretchen is a Professional Counselor Associate with the state of Oregon. She holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Western Kentucky University with a focus in Sex Therapy, exploring the root causes of sexual issues and how the mind-body connection can manifest in our sex lives. She approaches therapy with an unconditional positive regard for individuals, and that rather than a “disease” model, people all come with varying levels of “dis-ease” to be addressed as per that individual’s need for comfort and autonomy. Gretchen believes that we all hold the answers to building our best lives, and that therapy is a collaborative relationship for her clients to be the designers of that life. She specializes in depression and anxiety, and communication frameworks for people in both their romantic and platonic relationships.


When not in the office, Gretchen can be found gardening with her cats nearby, doing yoga, or hiking with her two children and husband. 

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